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All the way from Phx but finally someone able to see

Posted 5/14/2012 at 3:44:15 PM

the big picture and the need for transparency when accusing anyone of wreckless and irresponsible behavior given how it damages the reputation and business of the accused. It is therefore irresponsible to hide behind an alias to slander and destroy someones reputation.

Indeed bookers do provide discounts and complimentary sessions in appreciation to those who take the time to report shortcomings .

Thank you RD eloquently articulating what is at stake .  


Posted By: Rodgerdaily
You answer your own question my friend.  How can we assume that someone who posys is in their right mind?

If someone made me sick, I would be pissed and not afraid to post under my handle.  Tge only non malicious logical reason for using the alias is if you wete afraid that the "k network" wont let you see their girls I the future because you "outted" one of their girls.    I gotta figure that if I handled the situation the right way and let the booker know, they would comp me for my session, give a discount for later time or something (that is what was done in Phx when we used to have a kgirl setup and a girl would miss an appointment).

I agree with the previous comment that outing a girl like this or due to std ought to be said from a known account holder to give it validity. You may be sick and suffering, but this type of post certainely guarantees the girl will loose business.

Girls are probably exposed to clients who are sick occasionally too.  I think we all need to be careful and understand the risks we take.  I also think we are probably more safe with girls that have many good reviews because it is less likely they will risk doing something stupid to jeapordize their good standing.

Best of luck to the sick dude, count your blessings if its a short illness.  I caught one that lasted a couple months one time.  Lost 10 pounds, but was a tough way to loose it.  Just thankful I didnt end up with any long term effects.


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