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Biggest guy problems

Posted 5/14/2012 at 2:50:28 PM

They turn their phones off and miss bookers need to confirm text/ call , get stuck in traffic and then at the last minute call to cancel (losing a K-girl a donation) ,they double book, again waiting till last minute to cancel. (cause for black listing) and at last minute decide not hobby. Unforunately as much as we deny it in  K-land they guys do on occassion flake.      


Posted By: magichands79
Perhaps this should be considered a rant and rave, but I am shocked at how often providers are flaking.  As a whole, I have had good experiences in the hobby.  But considering that I have been told by several providers that things are definitely slow in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas because of the economy, I just can't believe that providers can afford to be so flaky.  So I am utterly confused when I schedule an appointment with a provider, get confirmation of the appointment, and even get the location, only to have the provider flake out.  To be clear, I have done my due diligence and found providers with generally high ratings, so I guess I am confused at how these providers could get such good ratings given that when I am willing to become a patron, that they care so little for their customers.  This makes absolutely no business sense and will lead to posts like this that call out these providers (since I have no other recourse as TER does not post reviews of encounters that do not happen).  I guess for this message I would like four different perspectives: 1) To the hobbyists: how often (by percentage) are you getting flaked out on by providers once you have set an appointment (I have experienced about a 40-50% flake rate on new providers that I want to see), 2) To the providers: I'd like to hear you providers weigh in on how providers like this can potentially damage the hobby because guys like me have just gotten so frustrated that I am considering not seeing anyone new because how annoying it is to be flaked on, 3) To anyone: Is there ANY site out there that allows you to post or see a review of a provider that flakes out (Don't say RB because I have tried to do so, and for some reason, it would not post...although I have seen it happen).  4) To providers: Let me know if you are someone that is reliable and will not flake if we make an appointment together...or at least has the courtesy to call to cancel and follow up with a future appointment without flaking, understanding that my time and yours are equally valuable.  As an addendum, I would like to call out all these flaky providers as well as give props to those providers that are very considerate in being on time or at least calling when they cannot make an appointment....but I would need to know first if by doing so I would violate any rules here on TER.  So if anyone knows this, please let me know so I can call out all these flaky providers and warn my fellow TER hobbyists.


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