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Oh, it happens . . . 

Posted 5/8/2012 at 9:30:40 AM

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I've actually had a number of relationships with girls I've met in this business.  There was a girl in LA a few years ago named Kyndal who I actually ended up marrying!  It didn't work out but not for the reasons you would think.  Anyhoo, the point is for this thread, it was a real relationship and we met by my following up on a review search here, was looking for a buxom blonde who swallowed!  Got that and whole lot more!

I've also gotten to be pretty good pals with a number of girls in the adult film industry.  Specifically, I got to be friends with Venus about 5 years ago, and it transformed into friends with significant benefits.  There was at least two occasions where we had what could only be called dates, dinner & show type of thing that culminated in sexual romps and my only out of pocket was the costs of the date.  She was, BTW, a total blast to hang out with besides being an amazing sexual animal!  And again, doff of the cap to TER, responded to a post when she was in San Diego!  Best $700 I ever spent!  

A couple of years ago for about the last 6 months she was in the country before going back to Canada, I spent every weekend with Alexandra Quinn.  During the course of things I was not handing her money but was helping her with her expenses so it felt a lot more like a relationship than anything else.  And I certainly wasn't spending any more $$ than I do in "civilian" relationships but was getting to spend quality time with her on a regular basis, which was truly remarkable.  Hands down, the best head ever.  Indescribable, actually.

The key to all of this was I let it come to me.  It's my strong belief (based on some strong empirical research, there's a couple of others I've known whose names you'd recognize that I'm leaving out for discretionary reasons) that if a relationship is to occur in this arena, it has to develop naturally, with a genuine mutual attraction that goes beyond the physical.  That has to be the case in my situation, if you saw my image, you'd say "sure, pal" to what I'm saying but there it is.  The other reason these things have happened is all thanks to my dear departed mother, who told me ever since I can remember, "treat all women like their ladies, even if their not!"  After a career of being treated like a piece of meat, I've found that just a modicum of compassion, understanding, acceptance and sensitivity can go a long way towards establishing a genuine bond with girls in the industry, so long as they're ready to appreciate it.

Of course, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.  And as far as finances go, you know the biggest difference betweens sex for free and sex for money?  Sex for free costs a LOT more!  No question in my mind that I definitely spend more when I'm in a relationship with whomever than when I'm just attending to my fairly sporadic sexual needs!

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