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Posted 5/7/2012 at 12:42:04 PM

I've been gone for some time, now back, and am happy to see you're still around.  You make this board better.  I appreciate the efforts that you put in your writing -- truly legendary.  Please keep it up.




Posted By: pauliewalnuts
Ive been trying to put in a review for 4 days now and they tell me that my telling a story is no good here on TER. They proceed to tell me whats involved in the general details and what I should do. I`ve been on ter since the begining. I write reviews because I like to make them interesting and fun and draw you into the whole thing and make you want to continue like a good book does. I have almost 100 reviews . They take a lot of time for me to be creative in the writing. Ladies have told me thier phones have rung like crazy after my review of them, I always get several mail from guys confirming what I wrote. Personally I hate a boring review with the same old shit every time and I especially hate it when they end with "treat her nice guys". But how can I treat her nice if I`m a pschycopathic homocidal masogenistic mother fucker. Gee , I better think about treating her nice because Joe Smoe says I should. Come ... give me a fucking break. For those of you who know my style ( and those who don`t check my reviews out, and go back to old ones). I have told some true stories, some are imaginative writing( like when I implied I was an alien and observing life on earth) and some are just comedic reparte. So I`m asking this from the guys and especially the ladies. Do you enjoy my writings or would you rather just have the uncreative generic description of the experience with just the acronyms of the sex and thats it. I`m looking for a big respose here like you get about the Korean subjects. If most of you say continue I will ,if not , fuck it. I have enough experience and know enough ladies to just do my biz and not tell about it. I`m too old for this bullshit but am looking forward to your opinions.  Hopefully  I will hear from a lot of the founding members like me will speak up and if your a newbie, speak your piece. In any event .... whatever hapens.... Stay thirsty my friends and be safe
The Pauliewalnuts


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