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Re: Three simple words...

Posted 5/4/2012 at 6:49:30 PM

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Is this so  hard to figure out. As a group the K-girls
probably see more of us hobbyists than any other
group of girls or individuals in the business.
Why do you ask? Well, you can't beat the combination
of looks, performance and price anywhere. There are some
beautiful girls and there are some first class performances
but for the combination of the two there is no comparison
to  the K-girls. They also come with no attitude that some of
your more beautiful providers have displayed over the years.
If it were just the price with a poor performance they wouldn't
last very long. However, that's not the case. You get the best
package of all attributes available anywhere in L.A. and you can
take that statement to the bank.
So why are we so obsessed with them. More of us see them.
More of us are rarely disappointed. More of us leave after an
hour or two feeling as satisfied as one would want to be.

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