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I couldn't agree more....

Posted 5/2/2012 at 12:06:37 AM

Iagree with what Illuminaughty has to say.  If a girl doens't worry about screening you at all in any way- beware!  She may not care WHERE she gets the o=money for her next fix- or her "management" may be waiting in the closet to relieve you of a few more $$$ than you had planned!

That being said- there are ways to screen newbiews- employment verification and some sites that we ladies can use by just having some very basic info.  Once you trust one of us to do the screening- voila!  You now have some references!

You may want to make certain that the provider you use really is "reference friendly" so that she will pass on the good word about you!

Good luck with your hobbying!

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