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Re: There is a difference between Sarah Jessie and Briana Banks...

Posted 5/1/2012 at 7:25:24 PM

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which is reflected in their rates...

Sarah Jessie has less that 40 titles on her resume, Briana Banks close to 300. Sarah has not been featured in any top glamour magazine, Briana has countless covers. Briana featured in some of most top selling porn flicks of all times, Sarah not even close. Briana was a contract girl for the top porn companies, Sarah none. Briana has been the 'brand name' for porn after Jenna Jameson left, Sarah does not have any of such.

Briana Banks is the top porn star of the last 2 decades without any doubt, and her rate reflect that. This does not take anything out of Sarah which is a gorgeous babe and a great person.

But when comparing porn stars, please use different metric that simple 'price' or 'rate.'

Those who are compare porn stars based on the price or rate metric and then based on such difference conclude that one should see the less expensive rather than the more expensive are like the French poet Charles Baudelaire who famously described the stones of the 1848 barricaded during the turmoil as being 'magical.' As a critic commented "It can be said that those stones were magical because the lyrics of Baudelaire do not know the hands that put them in motion."



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