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Re: Indies DO get reported, but there's a cone of silence...

Posted 4/28/2012 at 8:17:28 PM

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You have been watching to much "Get Smart". You don't think the same works for the independents as well?

Once again, don't single out the k girls on this issue as this is an industry problem. I just think one of the independents put you up to this.

The bookers I see respect my thoughts and I have no problem letting them know if I have an issue. I would like to think that the money I spend is of some value to them. If I have any issues I let the booker know.

Seriously, have you seen any kgirls? If you have, you would know that the best bookers listen to the clients.



Posted By: BigPapasan
...surrounding the K-girls.  What's the matter, are you afraid the booker will say...


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