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Re: On the other hand.....

Posted 4/27/2012 at 7:01:15 AM

Carry on inspector because "veteran" may not necessarily  mean wise nor good it could also mean one has been around long enough to have become part of the system and lost all sense of objectivity , or that he is in the pocket of bookers/agencies  , who pay him with free and discounted sessions, in return for favorable reviews especially the initial ones  for newbies.

 However, you must also take into consideration that in order not to destroy a career  some guys only post reviews of favorable experiences which  may mistakenly give the impression that all their experiences are stellar. 

I am not trying to insinuate anything nor cast doubt on  the credibility of the reviews of this or any other veteran , but will  misquote the Gipper by saying verify and then trust.

Carry on with your investigation , the truth will free us.  


Posted By: Inspector.Clouseau
Yes, you are clearly a veteran, and your argument could be fairly convincing, however.....

You also assigned a "10" appearance rating to another provider about whom there had been a couple similar threads a few months back.   And I HAVE seen that provider, and I agree more with the reviewers who assigned the low scores than I agree with your "10".    So in my mind the jury is still out.   I will watch for the bikini shot holding a card with the date.    And I stand by my thoughts on grade inflation.

You have seen dozens of ladies, virtually all of whom you rated 9s or 10s for appearance.   Never had a single bad experience?   Never a provider who didn't live up to her photos?  Never?  Wow, you are fortunate.  I hope you can keep up your lucky streak


Posted By: mufftime
The photos are accurate and recent since she hasn't been in
the business too long. I remember when she had her photo shoot.
Don't forget I've seen her. She may not be a 10 to all but she certainly
isn't a 4/3. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't know first hand how inaccurate
the review was. I've been doing this long enough for most of the regular
hobbyists to know that I'm not shilling for anyone and I never mentioned any
The truth will set you free.


Posted By: Inspector.Clouseau
I have never seen the provider involved.   She certainly does have alluring photos.   But are they recent or accurate?   I don't know.    However, in my experience there is some rather rampant grade inflation of "appearance", and a troubling number of ladies who post inaccurate photos.  There is a similar situation with a recent review of a NY girl, who I HAVE seen, and in that case the recent (low) review happens to be spot on.   It is entirely possible that the new reviewer of this LA provider is simply being truthful and if so he should be commended for pointing out the deceptive advertising.

If the provider truly wants to prove that her photos are accurate and that the review rating is in appropriate, she simply needs to have someone take a bikini shot of her holding a card with today's date on it, and post that as her rebuttal.  Then each of us can make our decision as to whether her website photos are representative and whether she is a 4 or a 10


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