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On the other hand.....

Posted 4/26/2012 at 5:26:18 AM

I have never seen the provider involved.   She certainly does have alluring photos.   But are they recent or accurate?   I don't know.    However, in my experience there is some rather rampant grade inflation of "appearance", and a troubling number of ladies who post inaccurate photos.  There is a similar situation with a recent review of a NY girl, who I HAVE seen, and in that case the recent (low) review happens to be spot on.   It is entirely possible that the new reviewer of this LA provider is simply being truthful and if so he should be commended for pointing out the deceptive advertising.

If the provider truly wants to prove that her photos are accurate and that the review rating is in appropriate, she simply needs to have someone take a bikini shot of her holding a card with today's date on it, and post that as her rebuttal.  Then each of us can make our decision as to whether her website photos are representative and whether she is a 4 or a 10

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