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Re: Guilt By Association...

Posted 4/25/2012 at 7:37:02 PM

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She didn't have anything to say then and she doesn't have a foot to defend herself now because she is a hypocrite. I have no problem calling her and her friend that because they are.

Dbl zing.


Posted By: Harpman60
If Carlhungus says he was attempting to make a joke , I believe him , he is a reputable member of this board and as far as I know has never been malicious towards anyone. So don't assume you have the power to know what his intentions were and should instead accept his explanation on face value, just as you want your  claim that you  were being light hearted with your post to be accepted.

Lest  you forget  forget you had no problem in your condescending post gloating  over B310's misfortune in  having his Beemer vandalized , or is that something you choose to forget.  


Posted By: amsterdam69696
Now do you really expect , anyone or myself to really believe that you were not personaly attacking me?? Sweetheart actions speak louder than words. The only reason you are changing the tune is because you got caught. Timing is everything, and your timing inicated that you were jumping on the band wagon to insult me with vulgarities. If QueenBee wouldn't of said anything you wouldn't be trying to explain yourself... And that alone proves that your main intentions were to personally attack. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. Especially when it is in black and white, signed by you. Just a little food for thought.


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