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Re: Just wondering if you could.......

Posted 4/22/2012 at 9:29:30 PM

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Another nonsensical rant from the true bomb thrower
who seems to be the expert on cretins and trolls..
Common means more often than not.
Well. NOT!!!
This topic doesn't even belong here.
If it happens try to be discreet and not a blabbering idiot.


Posted By: Harpman60
Why would you shoot the messenger ? When I said it was that ,based on my experience,it is common especially with independents I had Muf and his fellow haters , trolls and cretins (on a jihad to cover up the truth or keep it to themselves to enjoy) throw their bombs ,slurs and abuse as if they were UBL and his band of taliban on 'roids.

You have to separate the indiscriminate chronic give it away from those who offer it discreetly to favorite clients on the understanding it remains confidential. Both Clients and providers should be responsible and accountable the decisions they make and actions they take.

If a provider is just giving away ,she should not be surprised it is reported in a review and worst still may find herself HIV positive and given the result of the ongoing TER survey overwhelmed by new business


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