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Posted 4/22/2012 at 8:22:33 PM

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Harp...bbfs is ok with me...show me a single review defining it for LE so clearly. A few arrest couple of positive blood test and it is LA times front page "disease ridden hookers lure LA perverts with promises of unprotected sex." WTF why would the Booker not pull the review by pressuring the idiot who wrote it.

I've lived in Korea, I speak Korean. I've helped girls immigrate.  have friends who monger with LAPD This IS a problem. everyone is going to be trite till they are in the back of a cruiser.

Forget the bullshit yes no bbfs who cares we are going to have a big problem in a hurry. you know the drill the idiot Booker on this situation goes down everyone splits town....no getting laid guts.

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