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Posted 4/8/2012 at 7:02:22 PM

OMG I just got home and read the board  What the f--K is your problem dude??/!!! Ginger is one of the kindest most thoughtful and honest women I have ever met! SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING SO MEAN!! Really , I mean I am SPEACHLESS That EVERYONE isn't chiming in right now at this out and out NASTY unprovoked act! Just pure meaness for the fun of it?? Was it good for you ?  Huh? You feel like a MAN now that you hurt somebodies feelings hiding behind your stupids computer?? There is somebody for everybody here on TER that is what is so great about it. If somebody isn't your type than don't see them!! I'm so angry I need to stop typing now before my post gets pulled for all the profanity I REALLY wanna use. We all love you Ginger, F--k this idiot!

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