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Re: I'm not calling anyone out Beemer

Posted 4/5/2012 at 10:41:40 PM

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You just proved my point. Certain hobbyists and a couple of providers specifically called me out in their posts because they felt that the board was being stiffled by k girl posts. But when they get called out on their points they jump to the pointless personal attacks because their arguments have no substance.

What is funny is how one provider put me on a BL list just because she lost an argument. How does that bode for people who do less to get this provider mad? Is that something you would take lying down?

Though it doesn't affect me, it is the principle. I can give many examples of the hobbyists and providers who do that.



Posted By: General Colon Bowel
Beemer, what good would it do to call someone out.  It would just cause more bad feelings and personal attacks.  Some people come onto boards to pick fights.  Some want to prove their superiority.  Others just like talking about hookers.  We have a choice to make this board what we want and right now we're on our way to making it a snake pit.  The trolls bring nothing but negativity to a board.  They need to be banned by TER administration.


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