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I think that tip top shape is different for each person.

Posted 4/4/2012 at 2:35:19 PM

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Some guys prefer a woman with a little meat on her bones.  I've heard some guys say that Asian women are too thin for their tastes, among other things.  I have always had a thing for women who I define as "thick".  I haven't come across too many when hobbying that have piqued my interest.  There was one in particular who was great, but she's has since moved on.

From what I gather you define being in shape as being lean and probably with some muscle definition.  That's fine and to a certain degree you are right. I like that type too.  Keep in mind thin and lean is just that, a "type".   Some men are known as chubby chasers and if they had a nice chubby lady or provider, you can bet the guy would get upset or stop seeing her if she were to lose too much weight.

As best as I can tell, Asian women do not have the provider market cornered on thin, lean and in shape.


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