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Problem is it's not a "single" email, it's a ton and always

Posted 3/29/2012 at 2:46:01 PM

from guys who are busy when you do actually visit the place they say so many want to see you lol. I don't get an attitude, I have an auto response. Have you any idea of how many bs, spam, and retarded emails a provider gets on a daily basis? If we spent time answering all the ones that never amount to anything we would be doing more typing than fkin.


Posted By: seduceurwife
Guilty as charged.  If I see someone that intrigues me, I will send an email to ask if a girl would consider coming to Columbus and mention that I know a couple of other guys who will also take an appt.  If a provider has a calender and it's completely full I don't bother.  But here is why I do it.

1.  I would think letting a provider know that there are some guys that want to see her would make it easier to decide where to go.
2.  Most girls don't update their calenders.
3.  You can actually tell alot about a girl from her reply.  

If you get an attitude about a single email.  It's probably not going to be the greatest session.  


Posted By: xoxoLondon
in general. So many guys send random emails asking "When will you be in such and such" and it really would not matter when we are there because I can guarantee 99 percent of the guys asking would be "busy, out of town, or broke" when we decided to show up. It's a pointless question unless the guy is willing to fly you there to see only him, and that of course rarely happens.

I have had many gents plan to be in my town to see me and some drive there, but they are few and far between. The guys who are truly serious about wanting to see a girl will flat out make it happen...the others, need not bother asking when she will be in town because it's simply of no relevance.

I normally get guys from 2 or 3 hours away driving in when I visit certain cities that are close to them. If I go to Memphis, I always get guys from Jackson and Arkansas driving in, and the same with Panama City and Pensacola.


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