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Re: I hope the C's win the series, and y'all know it's going 7 games [e]

Posted 6/6/2012 at 8:35:06 AM

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it isn't the amount of fouls, its the timing. how many times does boston miss a couple shots in a row, and then Pierce gets a phantom foul and nails 2 fts to get things under control. Wade and Lebron are every year in thr top 5 of FTs per game, yet come postseason, the whistles hide and the other team gets fast breaks while one of them is on the ground after being clobbered. I know there is a huge anti-miami heat congregation in this country, but lets call a spade a spade and take notice that the NBA is actually doing itself damage. They are going all out to put Boston in the finals, give the great grandpas one last rendevous, where OKC WILL sweep them, not knowing they ratings will be AWFUL after the 142-74 game one beat down.

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