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Hi, Saint.....I totally agree with you that Floyd will beat 

Posted 5/9/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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the Pacman-I further maintain that this fight WILL eventually take place-Its a 100 mill gate and they're not gonna leave it on the table IMHO-Floyd, while hardly a model citizen, is one fabulous boxing talent and is the natually bigger man-Manny started as a 98 pounder and is probably naturally 10lb lighter than Mayweather at least-Mayweather has 5 inches of reach on Manny as well-Marquez exposed Manny some in the last scrap and the bigger great fighter usually whips the smaller great fighter-eg. Pryor whipping Arguello and Frazier whipping Bob Foster-I'll be putting my bucks on Mayweather-

I like Alvarez and believe he is too big for Marquez-who did stop drinking his own pee thank goodness-smile and too good for Marquerito-who took a good thrashing from Cotto-

Always enjoy your posts...even those vilely besmirching my beloved Devils or the ACC-have a good week    1rob.....out   8-)

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