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Re: Tiny did have that one incredible year in 1972 but here is the

Posted 5/9/2012 at 2:19:27 PM

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Not for nothing but the players then had more true basketball skills and could do more than some if not most of the player to day and had more of a variety of ways in which they could score and certainly could kill you in more ways than one. Today there are more players who would be more one demensional than players of yesteryear who could kill you in a variety of ways. Also they understood the art form of how to execute and being effective as rebounders, passers and shot blockers. They understood the nuances of how to position themselves and the fundamentals of the game and their particular positions. That is why Kareem is such a favorite because his scoring set up his passing which was a facet that he was extremely underated. Not to mention his teammates were extremely dangerous and would kill you from 20 feet or with an extra pass in the interior. The reason with Iverson that you tend to like is that he had to do it because the players weren't as functional and they really don't get a chance to develop because it is all about a dollar. Keep in mind to develop a career the second and the third contract is where you really start to cash in after you establish yourself as a player.

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