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Tiny did have that one incredible year in 1972 but here is the

Posted 5/9/2012 at 4:43:36 AM

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difference in my view - when he led the league in scoring and assists, this was a time when defense was just an afterthought.  In the 60s and 70s there was precious little double teaming. Wilt scoring 100 points in a game? Well obviously they never double teamed him. Kareem likewise would not have scored nearly much in todays double teaming environment. You can't shoot a sky hook when a guard is dropping back fronting you. That's why no one else had really bothered to develop that shot - too easily to stop with a double team.

      Iverson played in an era where zone defenses were allowed and teams would double him on penetration moves bc they knew he wouldn't pass. Plus the league became much more physical post 1980. Also not to quibble but lists archibald at 6.1; Iverson is listed at 6.0 but most observers peg him at 5-11.


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