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Mayweather vs Cotto
hiddenhills 136 Reviews 1646 reads

big fight tonight in Vegas, Mayweather is the odds on fav. Anyone think Cotto has a chance?
I've got money on Money Mayweather!

cashorcredit656 reads

Mayweather should win by decision.

Great day for sports betting!!!

You gotta be nuts to put up $850 to make $100.

Cotto is +$600. I took a shot on him with $100. Why not?

Tonight is going to see a huge decision in favor of Money Mayweather, followed by a dazzling knockout by Alvarez. Exciting card! They really know how to do Cinco De Mayo right!

AnotherPerspective757 reads

It would be fitting  if Cotto  inflicts  the same to Gutless Floyd  that Floyd did to Corrales .

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