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Fish's hit on Scola was nothing compared to World's...

Posted 4/25/2012 at 2:16:20 PM

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...on Harden.  Fish was fighting off a screen during the run of play and Scola may have flopped a teensy bit.  World Peace wound up and threw a totally gratuitous elbow at Harden who was doing nothing to Metta and got a concussion for his trouble.  I really was expecting  a longer suspension.  Also, the reputations of Fisher and World Peace may have influenced the length of their suspensions.

It is surprising that UCLA got such a good recruiting class considering the Reeves Nelson fiasco and the bad publicity of the SI article.  Let's hope Howland has learned something.

Ironically, Mari, Barry Manilow did NOT write "I Write the Songs."  It was written by Bruce Johnston, longtime member of the Beach Boys, who says the song brings in more than 100K a year in royalties.

BTW, "chukker" is actually a time period in polo.  I bet that's the first reference to polo on this sports board.

If you want to see hot women in L.A., go to Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades when they have polo matches.  Will Rogers donated the land on the condition that polo has to be played there continuously.

I once saw Ronald Reagan there too, not too long before he died.  It was very sad to see him in that condition.

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