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You’ve be at the Final Four Barry Manilow concerts?

Posted 4/25/2012 at 9:58:41 AM

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Didn’t realize you were such a fan of the Beamer, St. Croix. He does write the songs, though, and I know you patterned your hair style on his so I can certainly see the attraction.

       On the other hand, Tony Parker going to UCLA makes no sense at all. Surely your buffet loving center will be the starter and the two Wear twins will play a power forward. Parker is just going to sit on the bench and be disgruntled. And for that matter Kyle Anderson and Shabazz are both small forwards so who starts there? Well maybe Ben Howland is a hands on coach that can deal with chemistry problems – NOT.

      So before you get ready to take a chance again, St. Croix, maybe you should reconsider.
I sense drama next year at UCLA as all this talent struggles to work as a team.

    As for Duke, we'll be in the tournament next year. Might even win the ACC. Losing that chukker Austin Rivers is addition by subtraction.

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