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Hi, Big M, I consider your comment a great

Posted 4/12/2012 at 8:34:09 AM

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preemptive strike-grin    As long as there are Plumlees, there will be no championships for Duke. It is my theory that the Plumlee family must have video of Coach K with a farm animal, or why else would he continue recruiting those clowns.
Rivers is gone and it may be a long year for the Devils next season.
A cretinous alumni of the hot bed of lower learning, UNC, has just penned a blasphemous and heretical piece of 'journalism' called 'Duke Sucks.' There were some yuks amongst the whining and vile besmirching of the saintly Coach K, the officiating, NCAA seeding, the great Christian Laettner, the allegation that Duke causes cancer, the school architecture, etc. A must read for every -UGH-Tar Heel fan---
Oh, well, we could be Arkansas-changing the subject-.HOw about Petrino?
I understand for real that Arkansas students are riding motorcycles on campus with blow up dolls in the passenger seat.  They say Jessica Dorrell won't book a 1st class airline ticket because she's had too much fun 'riding coach.' And there are signs on campus saying, 'What's wrong with scoring in the offseason?'  Pundits have noted that poor Jessica was hired to work under Petrino and she caused the wreck by fiddling with the stick shift.   Ba da bump!
Oh well, have a great week   1rob.....out   8-)

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