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Do you know what Blaze81 stands for ? 

Posted 3/16/2012 at 1:23:39 AM

Geez I'm a tool that doesn't know squat about football and I can only come up with some stupid crap from
20 years ago.

The Bills were beat to hell for 3/4 of last season. Before that they kicking teams asses including the faggots from New England.

The one thing they lacked was a strong pass rush and now they got it. Buffalo was 25 Mil under cap last year too which means there is more dough to spend and the way they game works there will now be several who agents calling the Bils with clients who want to follow Williams to Buffalo because he makes them a better player and increases their value.

Now go read your comic books LOL boy.


Posted By: Blaze81
Sure the Bills got one of the best pass rushers in his prime, but let's face it, they're still the Buffalo Bills.

You wanna know what BILLS stand for? BOY-I-LOVE-LOSING-SUPERBOWLS

Plus they have the Patriots and Jets in their division. Good Luck with that!


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