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Its okay to definitely ask the guys at the home depot center. Even handy men ask for their inputs.

Posted 1/16/2012 at 1:36:09 PM

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You have to be very careful installing a swing in the ceiling. You can damage a pipe, wires, or in worst case scenario, have the swing fall off. Not all ceilings will be reinforced with wood, there are spots in the ceilings that are reinforced with wood and other materials.

Its definitely okay to ask the handy man at the home depot for suggestions. Usually, they will have many great suggestions because its their job. They will even recommend buying extra equipments to reinforce the swing. Just tell them, that its a furniture swing. You should even bring the part that will be attached to the ceiling for them to examine, and they will give you many wonderful suggestions.

Don't be embarrass to ask, I've asked plenty of embarrassing questions, and they have no idea what I am building at home most of the times. I doubt they will know what your doing if you tell them its for a furniture swing, and bring in the part that attaches to the ceiling.

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