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Some things to consider.

Posted 1/16/2012 at 1:19:32 AM

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As you may have noticed, not all providers will accurately portray themselves in their photos. Some things to note, always add 15 pounds to what their photos represent, and add 5 years to their age.

I've read her reviews, and they were good. It is somewhat unprofessional on both parts. For her, her photos was not accurate. For you, you've been mislead by her photos, but left. As a hobbyist, and having many other relationships in the past. Women will typically lie about their age and their weight, and providers are not exempt from this.

I can relate to you because I have also had similar instances with providers in the past. Now, its no surprise because I will always consider them 15 pounds heavier and 5 years over. Ever since then, I have always kept my appointments because my expectations of them are what I envisioned.

In the future, you should avoid stating a provider's name if you are going to disparage her. A simple explanation of the incident would have been appropriate IMO.

Some things to consider: add 15 pounds and 5 years to the pictures because not all providers will represent themselves accurate. I personally would have left her a tip because both parties agreed upon an appointment, despite her inaccurate photos. She has other appointments, and she had lost money. I personally would give her $50 and leave if she was way off the pictures. Guess I am too nice, but its what a gentleman would do.

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