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Re: 1. This is the Sports Board, not the P&R board. . .

Posted 2/3/2012 at 1:58:30 PM

2. If you notice, which you don't obliviously, we don't call one another names except in jest and very rarely.

3. It really doesn't matter what team you are a fan of. If you're a Jets fan great (not really) or a Yankee fan (yuck) or Nicks (Just keeps getting worse) no one really cares. Post your opinion.

4. Don't, I repeat "DON'T tell us you are the best, smartest sports fan alive." Here is the deal. We are all just fan, some really knowledgeable and some not so much (that would be me). But regardless, we are each as much of a fan as we want to be. Each one a football, basketball, hockey, basketball fan of a team for one reason or another. In my case and many others I was born and raised 15 miles north of Arrowhead stadium. I suspect Sara is from Texas and others were born and raised near their team. We cheer when they win and cry when they lose.

5. When your team loses and the board cheers, you have to take it in good nature. It's their right if you are going to cheer when they win. Doesn't happen a lot in my case, I mean cheering when my team wins. Oh well, "Next year look out".

6. Most of us post our opinions or ideas and we are not wrong, stupid or dumb. If a disagreement degenerates to name calling it not a debate of ideas. It's schoolboy play yard name calling. Which as I said, You don't really see that here.

7. I don't know how many time I have posted mistakes,  errors or bad predictions. I think at least once. No one jumps down my throat.  They laugh, post something humorous, or correct the post. But there is no name calling.

8. When you post you should think you are talking to a friend. Disagreement is fine, different opinion is fine. But do you call your friends names?

9. Learn to laugh at yourself before you laugh and ridicule others.

10.  You don't have to be the most prolific poster (I do) to be respected or provide interest.

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