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Doesn't sound like they were overly dissatisfied by anything that you did

Posted 1/11/2012 at 5:08:25 AM

and I think it's the experience is what will bring them back again and again, not the act or intention of what was achieved in their session or what wasn't. I think the tactic that you're using is good if there were surmounting issues that would have totally soured the appointment, but you already gave the 2nd dude your time, and was sympathetic to his situation so you shouldn't feel bad about that. Such is life. If you know both dudes won't take advantage of your "freebies" then keep trekking! But, I think a lot of human behavior is shaped by how you let people treat you, so if they know oh, well, I can see her whenever empty handed, they might try to use this to their advantage and disrespect your business.

Oh, and  Rose, you have a PM!


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