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I'll go along with the term "choke."
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All the fumbles and dropped passes mean that they didn't come through making basic plays when they were supposed to. Hence the term, "choke." I can buy that summation.

I will be ok with anyone other than the Giants taking it all.....I DO NOT want to see a repeat of the miracle Super Bowl in 2008.

BronkoNagurski667 reads

team that beats the Packers does. They rattled Rodgers.

PS I don't like the Giants either but got give credit where credit is do.

OSP788 reads

my guess is that the Midgets watched, and pay'd close attention to, the Kansas City films lol

CoachFollowme724 reads

I want revenge for XXXV

XLVI = 4

CoachFollowme788 reads

And I sure would like to BBQ some bird on Feb. 5 however if the GIANTS have to take on the pats ,  I really have no problem doing what was done in 2008.

Thank You
XLVI = 4

1rob778 reads

become one of the NFL's best QBs-the Giants--and I'm hardly a fan--defensive front 4 had pressure on Rogers all day and harassed him into errors. He was not helped either by receivers, who at times looked like catching the ball was a crime. NY also overcame some horrendous officiating-like the nonfumble by Jennings, which was, and a totally bogus hit to the wasn't....against Rodgers----Eli made great throws and his receivers made some super grabs---as opposed to the Packer mis named receivers-'droppers' would have been a better epithet for that bunch yesterday----
The Giants deserved the win.
In closing, the Giants have screwed me out of more money than my on them, they lose...against them...they win......and I'll never forgive them for that horseshit off the helmet catch by Tyree which led to self shooter Burress' TD catch and destroy the Pats perfect season.....but I digress....they had a super victory yesterday---
that being said......Go 49's!....1rob....out  8-)

mookie58728 reads

All the fumbles and dropped passes mean that they didn't come through making basic plays when they were supposed to. Hence the term, "choke." I can buy that summation.

that the Packers went through a crushing, emotional week.  Particularly the offensive players and Rodgers.  Their offensive coordinator, the guy they spend innumerable hours with in preparation, went through the most grueling and earth-shaking thing that any parent can endure --- the accidental death of his son.

I don't care how much of a brave face McCarthy and the team put on, this tragic event played a key role in their poor performance on Sunday.

inicky46809 reads

The story would be told that the tragedy was an inspirational rallying point.  Probably, it probably cut both ways.  Or, it might be it had no effect at all.  You'd be amazed at how guys can shut everything else out when they get between the lines.

YA_Tittle913 reads

Aaron Rodgers hadn't played since 12/25 against the Bears. Three weeks is a long time to go without actual game time.   Rodgers was off, not by much, but just enough. The team hadn't played in 2 weeks,  many players will tell you the bye week is great for healing nagging injuries, but it does effect timing.

inicky46796 reads

Sure, but it didn't seem to affect Tom Brady, though I'm not sure how much he played in the Pats' last game.  Plus the extra time gave Bellichek extra time to prepare.  Finally, it wasn't so much that Rogers' timing was off but that his receivers kept dropping the ball.  Giants' D had a bit to do with it, too.

GaGambler661 reads

Some of those drops would get you benched at the JV level of the sport, there is no excuse for it at footballs highest level. They were downright embarrassing.

from the way the Packers played Sunday, I really believe the Philbin tragedy had an effect on them.  

Still, not enough to get manhandled the way they did, though.  

Hell, if the Giants score TDs instead of FGs on two trips inside the red zone and don't get a FG blocked and if Bill Leavy didn't have his head up his ass on the fumble call and the phantom roughing the passer call, the final could have been 48-6.

hellozona880 reads

Pitching Wedge, you were totally correct. All I can say from my source was... "its weird around here" "there's no emotion". I knew last week the possibility of an upset was taking shape!  anything can happen on Any Given Sunday!!!

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