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It maybe your approach.

Posted 12/6/2011 at 9:03:28 PM

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Maryland is a big state :) Which part of Maryland did you host, BWI, northern, Southern? You mentioned the rooms are sub par. Did you research the rooms before booking it? I wouldn't blame the hotels that that have sub par rooms. Sub par relates to the ratings and rate of the hotel, and I would assumed you booked a 3 star hotel. Research the possible selections before booking it.

Not all clients are like that as you mentioned, and I am sure that not all clients in Maryland are like that. If you have a bad experience and learned from it, it is beneficial to your future success. Not everything comes as well as you may intended it to be. If you learn from it, then you will be able to make necessary changes to prevent similar "sucky" experiences. Since you were indeed new, its like that sometimes. Important thing to consider is, what other necessary steps you will take to prevent these similar experiences from taken place again.

Because everyone's experience will vary, you cannot make that definitive claim that Maryland sucks for providers.

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