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I think here I explained myself well ::) Please read if you want to know

Posted 3/15/2013 at 2:01:25 PM

I agree with you on all  
my value is not my $$$$ logo  !!! nOt at all
You people think that I put  $$$$ value higher because I  am proud and think about myself as about  the best ? naive way to think I know there many nice women - it is their  own  matter how they conduct it
Just think- woman if she is   intelligent and wise
she would know   that market  model here is  same business world

so let me  try explain myself in terms of curve of supply and demand  yes also take in to count  market .. competition   .( BUT  I talk that way ONLY to explain it to those who still can not get why I am more ..  expensive and what i try to achieve  with that  - it is NOT not just  about roses trust me ..!! NOPE  we russian women are NOT gold  diggers as you think  ;)

 so demand and supply will dictated  price yes ?
and  as you know  competition  is beaten up with price variations ..

yes ?  and some
business will  regulate their  margin with price... it is common ..but  little % of ..
. some  old fashion companies  who are dedicated to create unique  service and  strive to build their assets not just inventory  ha ha ha as assess and  fake boobs
but to build Good Will which is also  an asset  which is  Business reputation  and strive  to  stay apart from  the mass  ws unique performance  -
those  would like  stick to own vision  to stay apart a bit  and  even ready to  acquire loss ( to bad in this area of business there be not write off of start up expenses or  losses care overs  ha ha ha I wish .. so come to help me - I just  started!! not as 10 years in  this adult business .. so those who read all that - a bit of commercial - come and  support me - you will get triple value on your 1000  as it always written on my reviews - citing " if you want NON mechanical performance- she is not one to miss"
" I never remember my escorts - but I  never will  forget her"
"  She is on of 4- 5 women on all TER "
Come over and give me hand  and I give you above invested value "
 End of commercial zone
So Iam old fashion  type of business model who cares most  not about short time profits but about building lasting relationship with my  clients

Private companies do not sell shares. :) I do not  seel my shares as 300 sorry
I am oriented on those who will stay with me at list for soem time and  for whom price  variations is not deal beaker  ..  you know what I mean ??

I not telling you l iam the best - and it seems what irritates you the most ? IT IS miss understanding
I do not know who the  best - market will show  - you my  lovers will show it with your bookings and so far you are  doing well - Thanks
I think I explained you myself well and  you stop hate me here because of I  try to provide you with the best possible .
$ Iam warm and romantic nice person  gentlemen just loose their mind from my personality but to loose mind- he has to take time to know me as min - 2 -3 hours e
I  do my ways I not going with crowd that all  and btw it shows when iam with man  too ::) read about me talk to me know me  more . Kisses

So  please stop to destroy me  that I said 300 $$$ men are not so good lovers .. may be I said it wrong - may be they just need more time .. may be they need jsut plan better.. may be their need just make more money .. but how come it is always that 300 dollar man wants his ass be licked while  3000 tunr on from doing it himself  ;) ?
(ask any girl  is  she  was in real  well appreciated date . who was better to he ?  there are many factors .. but  one of them time also of course
But generally if he can afford it  he doing wellin life and   you know. he can plan ahead so he have more then an hour  and . have brains to start..- you, American born  live in capitalistic society and you know what is free enterprise yes ?
and it suppose to  be the way that smart  ones  doing well and those  who do not have brains  do not  do well ?.
. hmm if you will start argue with me on THAT .. then Compradors .. let talk COMMUNISM  
\I would not post anymore under  so go head  beat me up as you only can  hardrrrrrr harder ...   iam ok .. Iam a sex doll  will take it  all  
Buy be better if you will give me break - you feel better and about yourself  too !! If you not - then you have some personality problems:0 cheers  

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