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Only thing I can personally recommend in DUS...

Posted 6/22/2012 at 3:20:53 PM

Mike Hammer
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is an agency. These are mostly German girls, but their rates are in line with ours, and mostly, I'm not talking NYC rates either. Joerg runs Tia Escorts, and I met a really hot sex kitten now listed in their members only VIP. She didn't speak much English, and my German was barely passable, but after an hour or two over dinner, the girl jumped my bones at the hotel. I've had two dates with Tia Escorts, the first in Cologne a year ago. That girl is no longer with them, but she was a great dinner date, though not particularly enthusiastic in the sack.

Rates run around $600/2 hrs (sorry no hour dates). They've got seven girls that will travel to DUS without travel charge, and others that will for from E20 to E80. Usually with longer dates, they defer that as well.

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