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One of the girls may not be the girl in the picture.

Posted 6/13/2012 at 2:28:47 AM

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With Blue Flame, the photos of the face is not blurred, and she goes by Jessica. So, its more than likely you will see the girl from the indicated photos. With Aphrodite, the face is blurred, and she goes by Christine. Its strange though, because Aphrodite linked Christine's review that showed Jessica's review from Blue Flame, so, it must be the same girl. I am a bit puzzled myself.

Perhaps Blue Flame didn't update their tour date. I have no clue. Let's see what happens as time progressed. I'd give it about a day and see what the tour dates are for both agencies. She can't be in Long Island and Tyson's Corner "at the same damn time", unless she is a twin or has magical powers and can travel from one place to another.

Let's find out, all it takes is time. :)

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