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I'll say one thing ....

Posted 6/12/2012 at 2:49:19 PM

...that bit about a lot of guys knowing about TER is bs I think most do (those who tell the girls they don't know what it is) and don't want to share their info OR don't want you know that they hunt BP just as much as anyone else if not more because they consider themselves a "TER guy" there a better class of hobbyist....that is all (about that anyways).

Oh and add Raleigh NC and Greensboro NC please to an area of provider bidding wars..... barely saw anyone charging over 60 bucks and one girl was doing 15 dollar specials (in Raleigh) ....smh. Not religious but "hand to god".

BP isn't created equal everywhere....in Maine (yes Maine) for example half of my appts from there were from BP they were well-paying and they were good clients. But Maine isn't that saturated also so maybe that's why more-or-less why they might pay what you ask for up there without much of a hassle to negotiate your rate.

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