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Re: How Sinful Is Sinful??

Posted 5/31/2012 at 12:45:56 PM

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It starts with thigh highs and high heels, silky smooth skin, either youthful perky, or satisfyingly mature breasts, natural or enhanced does not matter if the view is perfect... Fresh as the morning dew with lustful thoughts on your mind. Electricity in the air from anticipation and desire....is that too much to ask for to start a week.

From sexy fair skinned, to Coco Caramel Brown, seductive is just that, the right package with the right look, and the right attitude...Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, or Jet Black. I am the United Nations and I welcome all colors of the rainbow, and flavors of the  world. Sometimes it's Soul Food, could be Bar be Que, or Occidental.  Midwest Ladies have that home town feel, Southern Ladies have a Wit ,and West Coast Girls have the Laid back cool breeze...

Tickle my fancy, so I can tickle yours cum Sunday Morn...


Posted By: jasminecummings
Do tell and share your lust filled thoughts.


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