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Yeah, you get exactly what the ad says, talk, and...

Posted 5/30/2012 at 7:39:09 PM

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if you ask for more you might be lucky only if she says "I am not a Prostitute".  She might use that as an excuse to cut the visit short, start to cry or act offended, then leave.  These ads are only good for one thing, messing with people.  For example calling the number then the second they answer transferring the call to a co-worker's phone, etc.  Not that I have ever done something like that.


Posted By: RustyBingham
This is the type of ad when you call and ask for the girl and they "She will call you back"..And than some lady (saying it's her) will call you..And than will agree to meet you somewhere and when you show up it is not the girl..

And if you try and have sex she will say "I am not a Prostitute" and will just talk for an hour..They keep changing their number and ads..Everytime I call and they say "She will call you back"..I just hang up..



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