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When I write to a provider, here is what I usually include.

Posted 5/25/2012 at 10:23:22 PM

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As it relates to information pertaining to me, here is what I include.

-My name, obviously (the name that I go by, and not my real name)
-two provider references, sometimes I include four
-my telephone number, they have my email address obviously
-My TER handle, some will PM me to check if its who I say I am. They will see if I have reviews and such.
-Datecheck handle
-Preferred411 handle

I do not give out my employment info, I do not give out my real name, I do not give out any other information that I think will jeopardize my career and personal life. Can you list what information you have provided, like I did on top. It would be nice to know, that way, we can critique your method, and possibly give you some advice. Was it something that you said in the email also? Please, let us know what you said in the email too if possible. Also, what is the allocated time, that is, how long did you waited for a no response? Thanks!

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