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You don't mind if I tag along too? If you have some girls that are going with you, invite me too.

Posted 5/25/2012 at 7:03:21 PM

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Let me know if you are successful at hooking up with some girls that are down. I'll buy some steaks and the booze. Does your boat have a grill or a kitchen?

Yeah dude, if your able to hook up with some nice looking girls, let me know. I'll keep them entertained. How big is your boat BTW? I have a boat too, but, it can only fit 4 people at once, and it can't go too far into sea. If you got a nice size boat that can accommodate like at least 10 people and have a few rooms, let me know. I'll buy steaks, shrimps, booze, and a few lobsters.

Hey hey hey, let's partaaaayy!

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