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The Russians have been discussed before...And I have previous experience....

Posted 5/21/2012 at 12:48:46 PM

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There have been threads on this topic before.  Overall, the feedback has been that their service is your basic above average rub-and-tug.  My own experience was about a year and a half ago when they had a set-up in Bethesda.  The PICs, as you see, are generic, no faces and typical tight body types.  They have a stable of ladies who are available at the location, usually 2, maybe 3 are are working on any given day.  It's similar to the Asian agencies but without the full service.

The tiime I went, setting up the appointment was easy enough.  Arrive at the location and both ladies that were available were attractive.  I was told the lady I requested on the phone was not available as she was in a session ( I got a chance to lay eyes on her as I was leaving. Either one was attractive enough to have a session with) so I had to take door number 2.  The alternative was an attractive tight body blond with an exquisite pair of bolt on's.  The actual massage was worthless.  Bascially put some oil on me and rubbed it in like it was a chore.  On the flip, some more spiritless oil application and rubbing for about 5 mins then went straight for the stick and balls for a uninspired finish.  The only thing that gave the session any spark was that she removed her top and allowed unfettered access to the bolt on's along with stripping down to her thong (had a nice ass and pair of legs).  If it were not for that the session would have been a total waste.  The whole experience took about 45 mins.  So for $150 you're over paying.

Obvioulsy I would not recommend.

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