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Goldentime in Vienna 

Posted 2/22/2012 at 7:23:07 PM

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All I can saw is wow! It was incredible, worth every penny in my opinion. My german is pretty sad, but had no problem communicating in english with anyone. Most of the girls were romanian and spoke great english, apparently they teach it from grade school. Ok so to the details.

Using the U2 line and light rail was easy to get to. When you walk in you are welcomed by a stunning blond who collects your entrance fee, 80 euros, and you get your robe and key. Into the changing room where you change into your robe. In case you were unsure of protocol you do strip down to nothing just the robe. I wasn't exactly sure initially and it was a monday night so there weren't a lot of other guys around to see what the protocol is. Before exiting the dressing area you are asked of course to shower and be fresh for the girls or any other part of the club you choose to partake in. Outside the locker room you have a lock box also accessible by your key to keep your valuables in and the money to pay the girls later. Already at this point there are incredibly beautiful naked girls in view all other the place. Now to give some perspective I am particularly picky and spent two years living in vegas frequenting the strip clubs and the average there would be a 6 and these girls a 9. To be totally honest there were so many beautiful women around it was like sensory overload for a bit until I got in the swing of things. From the website you can see all of that the club has to offer for relaxation, steam, sauna, ect. The girls are sort of spread all over the place lots of couches or at the bar. The place was really quite nice and the entry fee is worth it alone as a nice spa with incredible eye candy. Now that you are out you can walk around and check out all the available girls. Some girls will engage you and come up to you and introduce themselves, it's not pushy and just being polite for a minute and telling them maybe later worked for me. Once you see something you like usually holding eye contact and smiling is enough to get their attention or you can just approach a girl and introduce yourself. From there you can hang out some in the cinema or head on to a room to get on with the main event. Price is 60 euro for a half hour one round of blow job (seemed covered was standard, but uncovered was available) and sex. Most of girls seem to offer extras for a negotiable price, i.e. greek, CIM, ect, but I didn't partake. I honestly don't remember the girls names, but on the website one was certain Ely (incredible natural breasts), both were gorgeous. The sex was good with all positions offered and the girls actively engaged. After you have finished the girl cleans you up and some small talk then up to your lock box to pay the girl. That's pretty much it, basically wash, relax, and repeat at your leisure. The only problem is the limit of your wallet and ability to keep going! I really enjoyed my time and would absolutely go back again whenever I am in Vienna.

Some other random information:

Ratio of girls to guys - at least 3-1 but it was a monday night so was probably a good night to be there. And I can honestly say there wasn't a single girl there I wouldn't have been happy to spend 30 minutes with in a room.

Food - buffet style and it sits out for a while, but still decent, not great, but ample dinner for a night or snack while recharging, fresh fruit, pasta, meat, desert.

There were 3 areas were you could recharge and not engage with the girls, the dining room, the lounges by the door to the outdoor pool, or the girls seemed to usually stay out of the saunas and steam rooms.

Because all the girls are naked they do keep the place fairly warm which was a bit of a problem for me as I am cold weather guy, but just meant an extra shower to cool down.

Fair warning, I stayed until at least midnight and the train lines were shut down when I left, it was a monday, so a taxi back to the center of town may be necessary, but was only 8 euros that time of night.

Alcohol drinks are 5 euros a piece for anything, a bit steep, but not bad and you purchase drink chips at the main desk.

Final thoughts - As an american this was a new experience for me. Simply the amount of beautiful naked women any of which you go have a 30 minute session with was overwhelming at first. After that first session though my only thought was why didn't I have unlimited funds and my more youthful libido. I really enjoyed my time and I though the establishment was top notch. Only problem is that we have nothing similar anywhere in the US. I would be a weekly customer in Vienna for sure. (not sure it was this girl but high probability)

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