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it's called......regular_smile
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They are down to just 2 girls. The website no longer lists any session prices etc, really no info at all other than pics of the 2 girls and phone number. And.......I have sent 3 emails in the past week, all unanswered.......and I'm an approved visitor.

Trouble in paradise?

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Guess they are trying to be low key for awhile...........

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who knows, maybe they don't like you any more hahaha

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Who knows why they modified their site, maybe it's a work in progress. And when you email are you scheduling or looking just to have a conversation?

Report back after you have called them.

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I dont care if they dont like me. I have seen 2 women from there and they have no reason to not like me!

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I just called them today and did not see any problem except they just have one girl available.  Non in Tyson Corner thou.

I've probably emailed them 7 or 8 times asking about someones availability and only received a response about half of the time.  But they're good with call/text, so I just use that most of the time now.

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that way I can attach the email they sent me where I was approved for using their service and there isnt 20 questions like in a phone call.

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hesitant to book you again. You need to chill, email other providers or wait for their answers. Questioning whether or not the agency might be in trouble only hurts you, them and every other user with no gain.

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How do they know who I am by reading this thread?

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when you consider the two ladies I have seen spoke little if any english and most of our conversations were "sign language"........hahahaha!

without verbal communication.

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My emails were sent prior to this post. So I guess they have ESP as well as hot babes?

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