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aren't there two sides to a conflict?

Posted 5/7/2012 at 9:43:41 PM

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just curious... the guy that gave serena the negative review, couldn't he possibly have some reason as to why his review was the way it was written? i mean that is a review right? one's experience put down in writing for all to see and base a judgement (good or bad) on? i don't know serena, but i have read her profile and i think i've seen her on eros. she seems legit by her reviews, but seems to lack some of the fundamental services to be classified as a GFE provider. who knows what happened between the two, or if there was even a meeting at all.  serena doesn't give much information pertaining to the meeting (i don't know if that would be at all necessary) but all she claims is that she received a false review.  well who is telling the truth? the reviewer or the provider? i m sure if serena did blow off the reviewer she could have had her reasons.. maybe she was scared or was uncomfortable with him.  and maybe the reviewer could be overly exaggerating his experience with serena and blowing this out of proportion? again, i am not trying to speculate or draw any opinion... just saying there are two sides to a conflict. and this is a conflict.  plus, i don't think TER should remove serena's negative comments.  i don't think she will ever be a 9/9 (nor does it seem like it to be her goal) and these kinds of incidents brings out one's perseverance. we all know the cliches... what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. what goes around comes around. can't make lemonade with out lemons. stuff like this will only build or break one's character.  

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