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This ever happened to anyone??

Posted 4/17/2012 at 9:06:45 PM

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OK.. had an appointment with someone today and part of her screening is to obtian your TER information if you have it... claims it is the easiest way to verify that you are on the level...

Go to the appointment, have a mediocre time at best and am told that If I write a review she'll (positive or negative) she'll post my personal information!

This lady already has some reviews which are ok... not overly flattering or greatly positive but not too bad but she is furious that they exist. I told her that she could contact TER to have them taken down and she responded that she didn;t have time for things like that... She claimed she knew who one of the guys was and had a good idea of the other and asked for my help to identify him...

Told her that was not something I would agree to and wanted no part of it.

I've been offered discounts, free sessions and even been politely asked not to post a review... but never blackmailed into not writing a review!

Anyone else out there been in this situation?? I'm half tempted to write a review anyway since it can't affect my work or my family life at this point... Just curious on what others take on this is really???


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