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What do you guys think about this provider? You think she is working with LE?

Posted 3/31/2012 at 6:41:16 PM

I glimpse by the ad on my smartphone, and passed it because it looked way TGTBT. $80 an hour, and the way she states her description is unusual for what a provider usually does. The strange thing about this is, she puts her location in the ad. She puts the name of her motel and the address, even specific steps on how to find the place.

Then, there was another ad that shilled her. I find that to be weird too. I now that BWI has been busted by LE many times, and many LE do surveillance around that area. You think this is another one of their tactics to stop prostitution trafficking around BWI?

I didn't try. Usually I would call for my curiosity, but, I don't want this person to even have my hobby phone number. So, I passed. I just wanted to make aware of this since we are a hobbying community, and, to get your thoughts on this. Also, you can make your own conclusion about this too.

I would definitely pass on this girl. If I see other ads, I'd let you guys know. Be careful out there!

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