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go to germany do not pass go 

Posted 1/14/2012 at 3:55:06 PM

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don't waste you time in Zürich, It's expensive (you pay vat on the "room") and there is no food and the girls are only OK. Also there is no ventilation so it is VERY SMOKEY!!! I prefer Frankfurt in this order

1) fkk world abit outside the city but worth the drive, food is ok during the winter better in the summer girls are freindly and willing. the main room is smoking but that is the only place they can smoke. t

2) oase not as clean was would  same smoking rules, food durning the winter is one step above high school grade. there are not as many places to hang out outside of the main room

3) palace very small, girls are more into churn and burn then the other places, lots of east eurpean women.

for the summer oase and world are more equal


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