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Anyone have thoughts or intell on this one???

Posted 2/11/2012 at 6:58:53 PM

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Won't try to post the link, had bad luck trying to post eros ads correctly in the past, but has anyone seen this girl "Jasmine" on eros Ohio right now. Just in case there are two Jasmine's on there right now she is the one with the phone number 646-535-4555.

Some really incredible pics, not sure if that is the girl you would meet though. The listed rate makes sense at least but a google search of the number only brings up a eros NY ad link that is no longer active. Narrative on her ad is more than the typical BS as on there.

If she were in Cincy and not Cbus,where the ad says she is at, I might at least give her a call and if no red flags were raised from that maybe TOFFT, but I am not driving close to two hours to see an unreviewed provider.

Judging by the ad, which is not one for a tour, she might be in Cbus for the forseeable future.

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