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Cleveland ~ Vanessa (Apr 30-May 1), Lera (May 5-6), Andrea(May 6-7)+ BLOG post "Talking About TOFTT"

Posted 4/29/2012 at 10:53:27 PM

“In hobbyist lingo, TOFTT represents a poor experience with a provider”

The acronym stands for Take One For The Team. Think of it as yin and yang – the feminine and the masculine interacting within a greater whole. While City Girls holds its members to a higher standard, it’s not only about the escort. In the case of TOFTT, hobbyists have feelings, too...
                         (read more http://www.city-girls.com/blog/2012/04/29/talking-about-toftt/ )

City Girls is a new project that focuses on independent providers and VIP members and creates a place for the two to meet safely and discreetly.

To make an appointment, you can use one of the following options:
1. Give us a call at 800-282-2118 (press option 1)
2. Fill out our appointment request form http://www.city-girls.com/appointments.html SSL Encrypted form
If you have any questions before making a new appointment, you can contact us by:
email: info@city-girls.com

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Vanessa - Apr 30- May 1

Lera - May 5-6

Andrea - May 6-7

Lily - May 8-10

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