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Re: OK, I don't want to get confrontational, and never intended to be..

Posted 6/12/2012 at 7:30:36 PM


Posted By: vamikey
...So when you wonder if I'm asking for clarification, I have to ask you what part of 'not sure what the point of your post is'  was unclear to you?  

Now who would take that as someone not wanting to get confrontational, especially given your phrasing in your earlier post, i.e. saying I was bitching or alluding to an alleged suggestion that ladies should lower their pricing when I never even remotely stated any such thing. But since you asked and I did say I would do my best to clarify -


Posted By: vamikey
If all you wanted to do was open a dialogue on pricing, tht's a good thing.    

That was one intent and point for my posting.


Posted By: vamikey
But parts of your post do indeed sound like complaining about price creep.  Here's the part I'm talking about:
'IMO, I sense the following scenario is too often played out –
Lady A, with little to no reviews or was predominately known as a BP or agency lady (referencing price point only,) tries to market herself at a rate she sees other indy-TER ladies listing.  In turn, the TER lady sees this and justifiably thinks she is worth more and raises her rates.  What gets lost is Lady A typically doesn’t get that higher rate with any consistency or is not around very long.  And then with everyone advertising a higher rate, touring lady B thinks she should be able to come to ATL and command this new established rate.  When it doesn’t happen, she is told business is slow or ATL is not a good touring city.'

That is not a complaint and I do not honestly see how anyone could infer that.  It is my opinion-based observation of something I sense might be playing out.  The same as comments I made about my personal observations on discounts, P411 and DateCheck - but you didn't note those comments as complaints?


Posted By: vamikey
So in short, I still do not know what point you were trying to make.  

Perhaps the last paragraph in my OP is a clue...

"So, to sum it all up – ladies, set your rates where you feel your time is worth and for the customer base you wish to attract, but please take the time to make sure your rates on (typo, should have been are) consistent in your advertisements, your website and at least your TER profile.  Just understand that hobbyists have the same right to accept a rate for the exact same reasons."

If there was a complaint(s) in the post it would have been a) shame we can't have a post or discussion about price without someone being derogatory to the topic or a poster's opinion and b) like another poster intimated, it rankles, i.e., bothers me when a lady comes here either lamenting her business is slow, atlanta is not a good hobbying community or making sweeping generalities on Atl hobbyists in general because their business is slow.  And yes, all three have happened in my time here.

Whether that is clear enough for you or not - further discourse will not accomplish anything.  Your reaction to my post or your inferences or conclusions or whatever you wish to call it were clearly not my intent.

And while I have only replied to Vamikey's comments - I sincerely do appreciate those that have posted they like the post.  And for those that have not agreed with my choice or words or opinion, that is fine too.


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